Impact measurement has become part-of-the-furniture but does it make us better?

We think it should. It should help us demonstrate what's been achieved to taxpayers, investors, and shareholders. But perhaps more importantly, it should help us achieve more. At its best, impact measurement reveals truths we wouldn't otherwise see; it starts conversations; sparks change; and, ultimately, drives greater impact.

And that's what drives us. Doing the best work possible, to help our clients to prove and improve their impact.

We're helping our clients through:





Monitoring tells us if things are on track and whether adjustments need to be made. A good system will generate useful data, regularly, without becoming burdensome, and will integrate seamlessly with management decision-making. If you have a system, we'll take its temperature and support improvements. If monitoring is new, we provide the expertise and tools needed to get you up-and-running.

We deliver evaluations that help you not only understand what’s been achieved and how to achieve more. We offer a range of evaluation services, including process, impact, and value-for-money evaluations, and covering one-off reviews to complex longitudinal evaluations.